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Gnarly of Gnarlies

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Things are so freaking gnarly here in Radland. (Oh. My. Gawd.) You've heard of the Holy of Holies? (e.g. Indiana Jones & Raiders of the Lost Ark.) Well, I have entered the Gnarly of Gnarlies.

Ark of the Covenant

Just a quick note check-in to say I'm still alive. Keep praying for me. (I think it's working.) Very weird stuff going on. Lotsa strange coincidences.

Just when you think it can't get any more bizarre. Wish I could say more. Stuff you can't plan for and would never expect.

I haven't seen the Bug in weeks. So pray for him, too. Think positive thoughts. Do what you do. (I'm doing what I do.)

Really weird stuff going on .. like it's bigger than me. Electric. I feel like God is taking care of me.

Just returned from the police station. I'm still buzzing. Very emotional stuff. Received a call earlier this afternoon .. not from a police officer, but from a full detective, asking me to come in.

Detective Badge

Of course, this isn't the first time a detective has called for an interview, tho this is the first time they asked me to come in.

My saga continues yet anew. I have been accused (again) of the most horrible, vile, despicable acts you could imagine. I cannot even say the words aloud. What kind of mind can even come up with this stuff?

All went well. (As usual.) I have been cleared. (Yet again.) This time it was a lady-detective. She was very nice to me (just like the other detectives, who were understanding of my plight).

But they have a job to do .. and when accusations are made (no matter how absurd) they must investigate. In fact, many people have been involved in this particular investigation .. from various professional disciplines.

Salty Espresso

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EspressoWhile sitting in the coffee shop this morning, still half asleep, I sipped my espresso and waited for the caffeine.

From the corner of my eye, I noticed a man walk in. Big guy. He carried a young boy, maybe 18 months old.

"Cute kid," I thought, recalling the days when the Bug was light as a feather.

The line this morning was long and slow. As I watched the bright-eyed boy, who was obviously comfortable in his dad's arms, he made eye contact and gently lowered his head onto his dad's chest.

Before I knew what happened, tears welled in my eyes. It was completely unexpected. Embarrassed, I scurried to regain composure.

Wasn't feeling particularly emotional this morning. Heck, I've actually been feeling pretty good lately. Perhaps, being half asleep, my defenses were not yet set.

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