June Extra Gloomy

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Sad clown, experiencing June GloomLaggin' on entries lately. Been busy with "legal" stuff. In fact, I just got back from the courthouse. Spent the morning there. (Have to return later this week.) Not a fun place.

Won't bore you with the details, but it's pretty ugly. Imagine the ugliest situation possible, and you're probably in the ballpark.

Since I can no longer afford an attorney, I'm getting killed in the courtroom. (Experienced lawyers know legal tricks.) I do my best. That's all I can do, really. (And pray.)

If I do my best and lose, that would suk, but I could live with that. But I couldn't live with not trying. Still, I'm kinda perplexed by a system that seems to encourage this insanity.

But this is nothing new. Been dealing with this drama for years now. Friends can't understand how I handle it.

I should probably be stressin' more than I am, but (sadly) you kinda get used to it after a while. (Been there, done that.) "Ho hum, here comes more insanity."

The decisions are out of my hands. So fretting does no good. I simply wrap myself in emotional teflon and go with the flow.

Many pages from this web site have been entered into the court record. So I'm intentionally being vague. Hard to believe people are that interested in parsing what I have to say.

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On a more pleasant note, I'm continuing to work on the new VPS guide. Coming along nicely. I'd like to finish that before jumping wholeheartedly into learning PHP & MySQL.

Been trading emails with the author. He wants to buy a Porsche .. which I happen to know a little about. He's ready to launch his own company. Sounds exciting. Jason is a big proponent of Open Source software. Been with Apress since .. well, see here:

I was with Apress since almost the beginning. Employee #7. Left early 2003 for a year to work on a project, then built their open source line-up, starting early 2004 .. until Dec '07. Ton of work, but way fun.

Now working for a startup I co-founded with former colleague. Publishing-related. We'll be launching in few weeks. I think you'll like it. :-) Will send you an e-mail once it's up.

If that book doesn't arrive by Monday lemme know and I'll UPS one.


Focusing on technology distracts from the ugliness in my life. So working on the guide and studying PHP/MySQL actually bring peace-of-mind. Thanks to all of you who have been so supportive. (You know who you are.)

And thanks to Magoo for sending that wireless extender. (Saved me 50 bucks.) This thing was still in the shrink-wrap. Brand new. Never opened. He said:

Yeah, bought it on woot.com cuz it was such a good deal. Bought 2, actually. Sold one on Ebay right away for more than I paid. Kept the second, thinking I'd use it.

Been here over a year, taking up space. My place isn't big enough to need an extender - even if I do eventually set up wireless. I prefer to use wires whenever possible. Faster and more secure.

Glad to hear it made it there and is working for you. Happy to know it is getting good use, instead of rotting in my corner. That's no way to treat cool technology.

June has arrived. Here in Southern California, we have a phenomenon known as June Gloom, where a heavy marine layer of clouds brings gray skies. Kinda chilly, too. This June seems extra gloomy.

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