The Bug Caught his First Fish (Holy Mackerel)

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The bug caught his first fish today. Pacific mackerel. "Holy mackerel, Batman!"

Balboa Pier, Newport Beach

Walked the Newport pier early this morning. Overcast. Sweatshirt weather. At the end, many fishing. (Mostly Asians.)

Guy there (Jake) asked the bug if he wanted to "Catch a fish." (Everybody was catching mackerel like crazy.)

The guy actually hooked the fish, then handed him the pole. I showed him how a reel works. We could feel the fish tugging at the other end. Pole bending like crazy.

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A swimming bird swam under and tried to steal the fish on the line. Water fairly clear. Mackeral shiny, glittery. Then a seal showed up and tried to steal his fish. Feeding frenzy.

Took a while to talk him into the notion. But once he "caught" his first fish, you couldn't keep him away. (He's nappin' now.)

My first fish was a brown trout, caught in the Pomparaugh river, in Connecticult. Gramps knew all the secret fishing spots. Swore us to secrecy.

The bug is 3 (beat me by a couple years). Tho I actually caught mine. Back in Connecticut, we had a cookout that weekend, to celebrate my first fish. (Gramps was even prouder than I was.) Everybody got ~half a bite. =/

On a more technical note, I've been continuing to work on the VPS guide. Coming along nicely. Up to 12 pages. I'm pleased with the way it's developing (so far, anway).

Removed the Word-of-the Day script, hosted by, cuz it was slowing page-loads.

For more along these lines, here's a Google search preconfigured for the query » fishing balboa pier newport beach california

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