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Gnarly of Gnarlies

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Things are so freaking gnarly here in Radland. (Oh. My. Gawd.) You've heard of the Holy of Holies? (e.g. Indiana Jones & Raiders of the Lost Ark.) Well, I have entered the Gnarly of Gnarlies.

Ark of the Covenant

Just a quick note check-in to say I'm still alive. Keep praying for me. (I think it's working.) Very weird stuff going on. Lotsa strange coincidences.

Just when you think it can't get any more bizarre. Wish I could say more. Stuff you can't plan for and would never expect.

I haven't seen the Bug in weeks. So pray for him, too. Think positive thoughts. Do what you do. (I'm doing what I do.)

Really weird stuff going on .. like it's bigger than me. Electric. I feel like God is taking care of me.

Just returned from the police station. I'm still buzzing. Very emotional stuff. Received a call earlier this afternoon .. not from a police officer, but from a full detective, asking me to come in.

Detective Badge

Of course, this isn't the first time a detective has called for an interview, tho this is the first time they asked me to come in.

My saga continues yet anew. I have been accused (again) of the most horrible, vile, despicable acts you could imagine. I cannot even say the words aloud. What kind of mind can even come up with this stuff?

All went well. (As usual.) I have been cleared. (Yet again.) This time it was a lady-detective. She was very nice to me (just like the other detectives, who were understanding of my plight).

But they have a job to do .. and when accusations are made (no matter how absurd) they must investigate. In fact, many people have been involved in this particular investigation .. from various professional disciplines.

Downloaded & installed a demo of the latest version of Dreamweaver (CS4, released last month). Been exploring its new features. (Using it right now.)

Dreamweaver CS4

I'm impressed. The improvements are actually useable (unlike most software upgrades). Fact, I'm more impressed with this upgrade than any upgrade .. of any software -- ever!

Adobe claims to have ventured out on the road to interview real-life web designers & developers .. folks who use Dreamweaver daily.

It shows. Every improvement solves a problem I've had myself. Kudos to whoever mapped the upgrade path. It's the first time I've felt Dreamweaver was finally the program it should be.

Started reading Dostoevsky's Notes from Underground today. Somebody wrote (in pencil) on the top of the title page (library book, I have the Pevear/Larissa translation) » Extreme feelings of the underground man: anguish, caring, inadequateness .. all of which I can easily relate to.

Notes from Underground | Dostoevsky

So, even before the first page, I became intrigued. I actually *like* books that are marked up .. to see what others have found interesting. And this one is well-marked.

Wikipedia says it's, "considered by many to be the world's first existentialist novel." Plus its main character is a writer whose entries resembles a blog. Another source claims this is the book that made Dostoevsky Dostoevsky.

The book (1864) opens with the very first sentence connected to the second by an ellipsis. I've long-used a shortened version of this technique to connect many of my own sentences. (The two-dot ellipsis.) Never saw anybody else do it, either. Just created it myself. (Which is why you won't find anybody else doing it.)

Three dots seemed too many. I tried using a semi-colon, but it felt .. awkward. (Necessity is the mother.) Maybe some day they'll give my two-dot ellipsis a name .. such as » the radicon (Radified pausing connector), as a grammatical technique to connect two thoughts with a brief, thoughtful pause.

For more along these lines, here's a Google search preconfigured for the query » Fyodor Dostoevsky Notes from Underground book 

Went to Tom's last night for a house-warming party. He recently sold his townhome and moved into an apartment.

President-elect Obama & family

I said, "Dude, turn on the elections." He hadn't yet set up his cable TV service, so he dug out an old set of rabbit ears from a storage box, and spent 20 minutes trying to get a signal.

We watched the election returns on his (new) plasma TV .. connected to a (old) set of rabbit ears.

The signal periodically faded, then returned. Interesting how we watched history being made via the old (rabbit ears) and new (plasma TV). Kinda symbolic.

Everybody was wiping tears. (Tho for different reasons.) Some felt history books a hundred years from now will point back to this night as a major milestone (.. for better or worse, which remains to be seen).

Salty Espresso

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EspressoWhile sitting in the coffee shop this morning, still half asleep, I sipped my espresso and waited for the caffeine.

From the corner of my eye, I noticed a man walk in. Big guy. He carried a young boy, maybe 18 months old.

"Cute kid," I thought, recalling the days when the Bug was light as a feather.

The line this morning was long and slow. As I watched the bright-eyed boy, who was obviously comfortable in his dad's arms, he made eye contact and gently lowered his head onto his dad's chest.

Before I knew what happened, tears welled in my eyes. It was completely unexpected. Embarrassed, I scurried to regain composure.

Wasn't feeling particularly emotional this morning. Heck, I've actually been feeling pretty good lately. Perhaps, being half asleep, my defenses were not yet set.

Chillin' with Babalu

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Was sitting in the sauna last night (after a workout) when in walks Babalu. Even thru the steam, he's hard to miss. (Kinda scary looking.)

BabaluI normally ignore celebrities, and try to respect their privacy (I've also seen Rodman working out there), but we were the only two in the sauna last night (Halloween).

Never ceases to impress me how gentle, in real life, big, scary people are. Perhaps that's cuz they have no need to inflate their ego.

Had a great conversation. He's surprisingly easy to talk to .. even made me laugh. Tho I'd imagine most people steer clear. Perhaps this makes it difficult for him to make friends.

Babalu hails from Brazil (Rio), and speaks with a strong Portuguese accent .. (which might be the world's most beautiful language. I used to date a girl from Brazil.)

He said his next fight is "in 21 days," .. up in San Jose. Babalu's record consists of 30 wins and 7 losses. He has skills, experience and heart .. which makes it exciting to watch him fight.

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