Dreamweaver CS4: An Impressive Upgrade from Adobe

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Downloaded & installed a demo of the latest version of Dreamweaver (CS4, released last month). Been exploring its new features. (Using it right now.)

Dreamweaver CS4

I'm impressed. The improvements are actually useable (unlike most software upgrades). Fact, I'm more impressed with this upgrade than any upgrade .. of any software -- ever!

Adobe claims to have ventured out on the road to interview real-life web designers & developers .. folks who use Dreamweaver daily.

It shows. Every improvement solves a problem I've had myself. Kudos to whoever mapped the upgrade path. It's the first time I've felt Dreamweaver was finally the program it should be.

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And let me say, never once did it crash or lock-up, despite all my mucking around (like a true geek). I clicked on nearly every option that could be clicked. Surprisingly stable, especially given the new point-oh release. (More kudos.)

Adobe normally upgrades their Creative Suite products (now at CS4) every 18 months. All Adobe products (such as Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash & Fireworks) use the same basic interface. So if you're familiar with one, the others are easy to learn.

Sadly tho, it's becoming clear that web design and development are (increasingly) becoming the domain of specialized skills sets (such as XHTML, CSS, Javascript, graphics, server scripting, AJAX, databases, servers, etc.).

Ideally, the Web should be about sharing ideas, not mastering the underlying technologies. Don't get me wrong .. I dig cool technology. But the Web keeps moving further beyond the point where the uninitiated can easily throw up a site to share their ideas.

For more along these lines, here's a Google search preconfigured for the query » Adobe Dreamweaver CS4

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