Learning Photoshop Mojo

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Learning Photoshop. Been meaning to for a long time. I've tinkered for years, but now I'm learning the really cool (powerful, creative) stuff.

Adobe Photoshop CS3

At one time, Photoshop was "the killer app" » a reason in itself to buy a computer (Mac). And the more I learn, the easier it is to see why. (It lets you do way-cool things .. with graphics and photos.)

Over the years Photoshop has grown complex, somewhat beastly, difficult to tame. These days, learning to wield its magic takes a commitment. (As I'm finding.)

I had really wanted to wade into some server-side scripting and database management, but that requires even more of a commitment. Been too distracted for that. (Tho it's still on my list.)

Now however, I'm glad I went the Photoshop route. Everybody I've told says, "Yeah, I wanna learn Photoshop, too." (And once someone knows it, they'll always know it.)

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Layers are what everybody mentions when they start talking about the thing that makes Photoshop so cool.

Layers can be thought of as panes of glass, stacked one atop another, each containing a different image/graphic, allowing you to see down into the lower layers, so that all layers appear as one.

Learning how to manipulate (arrange, blend) the images/graphics on these various layers is what provides the User with such awesome creative power. (I'm heading back to school right now.)

My theory » everybody learning Photoshop is the answer to bringing about world peace. (Difficult to shoot a gun when you're editing an image.) Worth a try, no? Hey, I'm doing my part. I envision a new Adobe slogan » Create world peace with Photoshop. =)

For more along these lines, here's a Google search preconfigured for the query » learn photoshop layers

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