First Chiropractic Adjustment

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Met a girl at the coffee shop this weekend, who said (after noticing my neck was stiff), "I want to give you an adjustment," .. which told me she did some type of bodywork.

Rad with a stiff neck

Didn't have my reading glasses handy, so I slipped her card into my pocket and said I'd call to schedule an appointment.

Yesterday, when I saw the word Chiropractor, I got nervous, cuz previous therapy sessions have been painful. So the idea of someone torquing my neck seemed less than appealing.

On the phone, she assured me no pain would be involved, while emphasizing she was "excellent" at what she did.

"I'm an artist," she said, raising my eyebrows .. cuz you have to be good to even use the word. (Art comes only after one first masters the technology.)

I find confidence appealing, cuz it usually portends competence. Tho still hesitant, I went anyway. (This morning.)

Well, she *is* very good. (Definitely has the magic.) Indeed, no pain was involved, despite her jumping up and down on my neck .. (and kicking me in the head a few times).

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"You're a mess," she told me, "I don't know how you live with this."

"I live with much worse," I replied. "This is the *least* of my worries right now." [The neck hasn't been painful, just stiff, especially during times of stress (like now). I have a little Russian blood in me, and Russians are famous (even celebrated) for enduring hardship.]

She said it was okay to cry, as that releases tension .. tho, during our session, I found myself laughing instead. (Her tweaks felt *really* good.)

Now I feel spacey. (Staring off into space.) And more relaxed than I've felt in a long time. I feel downright sleepy .. (even after a triple-espresso). So yeah, she's got the mojo. (I used to date a massage therapist.)

In more-technical news, seems the latest Microsoft update (MS08-037) to Windows (via auto update) breaks Zone Alarm.

If you happen to use that firewall, after you reboot, you'll find you can no longer connect to the internet. (Serious sukage.) Simply open Zone Alarm and change your Internet Zone Security setting (found under Firewall | Main tab) to » Med (default is High) for an easy, tho temporary fix.

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