Loud Booms Prove Too Scary @ Fireworks '08

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Never seen the Bug run like he ran to the fireworks last night. "Wait up!" I kept calling. "He seems eager," a guy commented as I trotted by.

Fireworks 2008 | Newport Dunes as viewed from Castaways Park, Newport Beach, California

We arrived 30 minutes early, claiming a prime viewing-spot .. on the bluffs above Newport Back bay (sandwiched between two groups of well-tanned girls). Every few minutes for the next 30, he asked, "Are the fireworks gonna start now?"

More boats moved further into the bay as the sky grew dark. So I killed time by teaching him (from my Navy-days) how the port light is red (like the wine), and starboard green.

When the fireworks finally began, it was pretty cool. Park was packed. We had a soft blanket to sit on and could see reflections on the Bay below. I couldn't be happier.

And all was heaven .. for 5 minutes. Then some loud booms echoed across the bay, and he turned his head into my chest.

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A few minutes later » more loud booms and he said, "I wanna go." This surprised me, cuz he's been talking about fireworks for the last week or two, and doesn't scare very easily. (He's three.)

So we left .. slowly. From what little I saw, this year's fireworks (from Newport Dunes) looked like some of the best.

Earlier in the day, he rode a scooter in his first parade, and raced thru a half-dozen bounce-houses (giant ones) full of various obstacle courses. (He especially enjoyed the one shaped like a pirate ship.) I must've said, "Okay, this is the last time," .. 25 times. =)

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