The Bug's First Trip to Rock-Climbing Gym

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Summer arrived like God shut the breaker. Seriously hot yesterday/today. (No wonder the polar ice caps are melting.)

Rock climbing in Alaska

Took the Bug swimming today » "Uncle Tom's" pool.

Of all the cool/fun things we do, he seems most enchanted with aquatics. I mean, we're talking squeals-of-delight. (There's something hyper-gratifying to see that magical look on your kid's face.)

He reminds me of my brother (whose nickname was the Frog). Only way to get him to come out » drain the pool.

The Bug jumps in the deep end (!) and swims back to the ladder & climbs out (by himself). Fearless. (Too fearless.)

When I try to help him, he waves me away and tells me he wants to do it himself. (He does however, let me toss him high in the air.)

After the pool, we took the kids (+ Tom's daughter) to a rock-climbing gym (Bug's first-ever trip there) where he wore a real climbing harnass. (Tho he didn't climb very high.)

My buddy Tom worked his way thru college by teaching rock-climbing. So he constantly emphasizes safety, and knows how to make it seem less scary to put distance between you and the ground. He doesn't push kids any higher than they're comfortable climbing.

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The Bug used the smallest pair of rock-climbing shoes they had there .. which fit perfectly. He especially likes the part where you chalk your hands. Tom lets him swing free in wide arcs, from a pitch 40-feet high. He had a little audience assembled for a while.

Leaving, the Bug was not happy. "Why?" he complained (strapped in car seat), "every time we go some where we have to leave?"

When he wakes, we may go get an ice cream (black cherry vanilla) down on Balboa island. (Update: they had no black-cherry. Substituted cookies-n-cream. Definitely a warm summer night.)

By age 3, you can glean a decent picture of your kids. Of course *I* think the Bug is way-cool .. but its especially reinforcing to see others become enchanted with him. Like the folks sitting beside us on the bench last night, where we ate our ice cream. They thought he was "aorable," (especially the lady).

He has no problem carrying on a conversation with an adult. And his voice is the coolest (munchkin with a frog in his throat). Also, over the years, I made a point of telling him the names of things (everywhere we went). So he has a decent vocabulary.

On a geekier note, I've been delving into PHP scripting. Cool stuff. Variables begin with a dollar sign » $variable.

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