Father's Day 2008

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Father's day 2008Knew I wouldn't have the Bug today. Unfortunately, Father's day didn't fall on one of my weekends this year. So I celebrated last weekend.

I normally take him to church on Sundays, cuz (frankly) Mariner's has the most coolest stuff for kids to play with .. per square acre of any place I've been. Playgrounds galore, everywhere you turn.

I realize it's not the most spiritually-minded reason (but give me points for honesty).

After exiting the parking lot, you find a football field, covered with hundreds of balls of various size & color, along with inner-tubes that little people can roll inside of. Fun-city². (Did I mention the frisbees?)

Before playing however, we go inside and sing some songs together.

Normally I sit up front, where he can see everything. (Bongo-drums are his favorite instrument.) There I hold him in my arms and tell him (in his ear) a 3-year-old's version of what they're singing about.

When service starts, the curtains lower and stage-lights illuminate. (Dramatic.) Two giant hi-def screens are mounted on either side of the wall behind the stage.

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Mariner's has several different worship leaders and musical directors. Not all I like. But some (like Chris, last week) really rock the house. The Bug pointed at him and asked, "Is that God?" =) [That was a surprisingly difficult question to answer.] "Uh, no."

The choir was there last Sunday (50-person). Choir makes a big difference in overall energy level.

Last Sunday may be the *best* service I've ever experienced .. regarding the worship portion, anyway. (We don't stay for the sermon.) I mean, I remember turning and looking back at one point and seeing all those people. And something inside said, "No one here is more grateful." (And I believed it.)

When you feel as if someone is trying to pry your child from your arms (think » crowbar, repeatedly) .. and you can still hold them .. in a meaningful way (at a worship service in rockin' church) .. well, that tends to evoke nuclear-grade feelings of gratitude (and a tear or two).

When worship ended (with the song » Shout to the Lord), the Bug whispered, "Is it time to go play now?" I nodded and off he went, running down the aisle, jumping for joy and shouting, "Yay! It's time to go play! Yay!" .. to everybody he passed. =)

Cracks me up. No one ever accused a 3-year-old of hiding their true feelings. [Everybody says he talks good for his age, tho I have no point of reference.]

Things seem to be playing out here in a way that suggests providential influence. Happy Father's day from Radland .. where every day spent as a dad is another small victory.

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