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This was first week the Bug was not able to tootle around town in the Porsche. I told him it broke, and that I sold it to a guy who could fix it.

Fire engine: Rad Hook-n-Ladder Co. He asked what kind of car I was gonna get. I wasn't sure and asked his opinion.

"You should get a fire engine," he said (while eating an ice cream cone down on Balboa Island). Know of any cheap, used fire engines for sale? =)

On a more technical note .. ever run out of room on your hard drive? particularly your C_drive? (where Windows resides)

Crap Cleaner

This seems to be a common problem with drives that are partitioned too small, and with laptops, which traditionally come with drives much smaller than those in your desktop.

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A temporary solution might be » CCleaner. I've been using it on my laptop for ~ a year now. It can eliminate ~ 500 MB with each 'cleaning' (on my system).

CCleanerI use the default settings and never had a problem. (Knock on silicon.) It's free and updated frequently. (Used to be called Crap Cleaner.)

Even if you don't need the extra space, might be a good idea to run it periodically (monthly) to eliminate the 'junk' that Windows tends to accumulate. I use it before creating a back-up image, to help make my images smaller and go faster.

CCleaner's home page boasts over 140 million downloads, so chances are you've already heard of it. Think I first heard of it from John (who maintains our forum FAQ).

I'm normally leery of any program that deletes hundreds of megabytes worth of files in one fell swoop, but I've used CCleaner dozens of times without a single problem. So I feel comfortable recommending it. (It's Rad tested.)

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