Castaways Park + Newport Beach Harbor

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Have a special treat for you today. Took my digital camera along for a stroll thru Castaways Park (here in Newport Beach), where I snapped a few photos.

Newport Harbor | Viewed from Castaways Park, Newport Beach, CaliforniaBeen meaning to do this for a while now. (Share this.)

Castaways is a great place to go and think. The park sits up on a bluff (25 acres), overlooking Newport Harbor, and the upper Back Bay. A nice breeze usually blows up there (off the Pacific).

I go there often .. to help clear my head. Photos taken Sunday (20th), shortly before sunset.

Oops, almost forgot the linkage. Here ya go » Castaways Park, Newport Beach. And here's a larger, higher-quality version (100-KB) » Newport Harbor

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Given the stratospheric cost of real estate in Newport Beach, if you tried to value this 25-acre plot, you'd no-doubt arrive at an a$tronomic figure.

For more along these lines, here's a Google search preconfigured for the query » castaways park newport beach california

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