Quitting Coffee: Revisited

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Coffee PlantCoffee. I am so addicted. If you've been Radified any length of time, you know I've tried quitting before (numerous times), succeeding only in achieving a splitting headache.

It's not so much the flavor I like, as the buzz. The amperage. The drive.

I have no qualms with drinking coffee per se. Rather it's the 'addicted' part that bothers me. Drinking coffee cuz we want to is fine. But drinking it because we have to is .. uh, hard to justify.

Actually, I drink espresso (less volume in my stomach). Usually a triple. This time will be different. (Yeah, I know I've said that before, too.) But I really have a good feeling about it.

"Why should this time be any different?" you ask. Cuz now I have a secret weapon. =)

Normally these detox endeavors begin with a 30-day goal, which is quickly revised down to "a week," and end up lasting a few days. (If that.)

Some advise a gradual weaning .. to help minimize headaches. "Weaning is for wimps," I tell them (usually squinting thru a blinding headache).

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Headache arrived at noon today. (Hello old friend.) "How many days have I gone without?" you ask. Uh, one. =/

Update (Sunday) - Make that 'two'. First 3 days are usually the worst. I'm avoiding the coffee shop altogether. In the past, I've gone there, planning to order herb tea, but standing at the counter, I hear the words, "Triple espresso, please," exit my mouth. ("Who said that?")

Or they already have my regular drink waiting. Or someone offers to buy (which is hard to resist, if not downright rude to reject). Feeling pretty 'relaxed' today (sleepy). Yesterday was baby headache. Today, big daddy arrived. =/

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