Day 3 - No Coffee: Withdrawal Symptoms

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Rad with no coffee for 3 daysDay 3 with no coffee. This is where I usually cave. And to be honest, if it weren't so freaking hot today, I probably would've.

But drinking coffee (espresso) isn't very appealing when it's so dang hot. (Heat wave here.) Thank God for global warming.

I was working earlier on the new Guide to Virtual Private Servers, yawning, with the intellectual drive of a mad cow.

The coffee demon was jumping up-n-down on my shoulder .. reminding me how blissful I would feel after downing a triple-shot, and how much mental energy it would give me. (It would.)

But the temperate angel was perched on the other side, reminding me I'd have to tell everybody (here) what a big, fat failure I was. (Again.)

So I made it another day. (Barely.) And the previous entry here gave enough pause to help keep me from falling off the wagon. Getting by day-3 is a major accomplishment for me.

Funny how the addict's brain works to get its fix. Today for example, I couldn't locate a book I'd checked out from the library (for the Bug). My first thought » "Must've left it at the coffee shop." (I read stories to him there.)

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Should I call and ask if they've seen it? "No, we must go there!" Fortunately, I found the book before leaving, cuz I could see where that was heading.

My whole body aches. Sore everywhere. My joints are creaking. I rubbed some Ben Gay into my right shoulder and took a couple Advil. Feeling spacey. Out of sorts, like somebody poured a bucket of cement into my skull.

So tired I could lay down and take a nap on the sidewalk. Withdrawal symptoms can't get any worse, right?

For more along these lines, here's a Google search for the query » coffee caffeine withdrawal symptoms

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