Cinco de Mayo 2008

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Happy Cinco de Mayo! ("5th of May") It's like our 4th of July, for Mexicans .. tho not technically their Independence day (as many presume). Rather it's when Mexico defeated the French (under Napoleon) in 1862 (during our Civil war) ..

Cinco de Mayo celebrates Mexico's defeat of the French (under Napoleon) in 1862 at the Battle of Pueblo

.. some 41 years after Mexico's war of independence. Four thousand Mexican soldiers defeated twice as many French at the Battle of Puebla.

CdM is a big deal here in Southern California, and probably any place with a sizable Mexican population. Like St. Patrick's day, you don't have to be Mexican to celebrate. Good excuse to eat tacos and drink Mexican beer. Olé!

Been busy working on the new » Guide to Virtual Private Servers. Now I remember why I don't write more guides: they're lots of work.

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But there's nothing out there like what I'm doing. So it should benefit those looking to move (upgrade) from Shared web hosting. Wish there was something like this back when my research began.

I'm putting in one place all the VPS-related info I found scattered in a million different places, and seasoning this with my personal experience (acquired during the actual move).

Didn't realize how much I'd learned until I actually tried to document it all. Currently have 6 pages. Guessing I can finish by 12.

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