Moving the Site Today to New VPS Server

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Moving the site today .. to our new server (physically-located downtown Chicago). You can read some of the details in this thread here » Heads up - Preparing to move the site

Allied Moving TruckThis is the final entry I will make at the old server. It will take a day or so for the new DNS to resolve. When I'm set up at the new server, I'll add a note to this page indicating so.

This is currently the *NEW* server. It's 7:30 AM Pacific time right now. By tonight, hopefully, we should be done moving.

I'm on the steeper slopes of the learning curve, so it may take longer than expected. They sent me lots of "New account" PDFs to read ("Getting Started"). I stayed up 'til midnight, last night. Then my eyeballs started falling out, and I passed out (with the laptop still on my lap).

So .. as they say in the 'hood, "We up outta here." See ya at the new digs in Chicago. We're moving up in the web world. Our new host is WiredTree. I'm excited about the move. (Yes, everything is backed-up in triplicate.)

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