Radified's 8th Anniversary

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Almost forgot .. June 5th was the site's » 8th anniversary. Happy birthday to Radified.

Happy Birthday, Radified

Was a little distracted at the time. No wonder I missed it. Everything turned out okay, tho. (So we're good to go.)

This is where I usually review the site's origins, philosophy, milestones & future. But I recently revised the About page to include this (+ inject more Rad techno-ego).

Eight is a long time in web-years. We were just getting started back when the dot-com industry was melting-down. Consequently, a small percentage of sites on the web today are older than 8.

This is our first b-day at our new VPS. Maybe someday we'll host on a dedicated web server, or at least a hybrid.

Besides a new web host, this past-year we got an open source version of Movable Type, a new table-less layout for the home page, a new Rad URL (compliments Apache mod_rewrite), and numerous upgrades to the forum (compliments YaBB).

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I also sold the Porsche (after 22 years), held onto the Bug (twice), and nearly broke my neck (mountain biking). The Bug turned 3, and I learned much about web design & CSS.

Still working on the Rad guide to » Virtual Private Servers. Currently » 12 pages. The guides represent the heart of the site (traffic-wise).

Two of the most popular blog entries of this past year .. have been the » nuclear Archives (2-part entry focused on a single subject), which recount my experiences in the Navy's nuclear power program.

I've archived every Rad entry » HERE. (All 8+ years worth.) So you can even read the very first entry (dated June 5, 2000) at the bottom of » THIS page. Like the Dead said » What a long, strange trip it's been.

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