Upgraded Rad Community Forum Script (YaBB v2.2.2)

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Friday the 13th. Updated the forum script last night .. to YaBB v2.2.2 (released June 5th).

Black cat

Stayed up 'til 1AM. Kinda tired this morning. (Would never chance it on an unlucky day like today, so I wanted to finish last night.)

This is the fastest-ever I upgraded the forum (a few hours), which included installing a few mods (manually), such as the Quick-Reply mod.

Normally it takes a few days to dial-in everything. I've done it so many times now that I know the drill. (Hasn't always gone well.) Or maybe it was the Puttanesca I made last night.

Only made one mistake .. copying (via Linux command line) /Members and /Messages files (from old- to new-script directories) to wrong directories. Dang.

I copied these folders *inside* pre-existing folders .. instead of first deleting (or renaming) the destination directories. That mistake cost me an hour or two. (Takes a while to delete 15,000 files .. even on a fast server.) Next time I'm just going to MOVE the files (instead of copy-n-delete).

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I use the term "upgrade," but the procedure involves first installing the NEW forum script, then copying/moving files for both MEMBERS & MESSAGES (posts). So, in reality, it's closer to a new-install.

The Rad Community Forum contains more than 35,000 posts in some 5,000 topic-categories .. mostly about backing-up your hard drive with a cloning program, such as Norton Ghost.

I believe we are the de facto Ghost support forums on the web. (Symantec support is lame.) And now we have a shiny new script to play with.

The biggest problem with upgrading the forum is that it's usually done infrequently enough that I usually forget the procedural details.

Can see I'm gonna have to learn the Linux shell (Bash), now that we hava VPS. Command line is where all the cool (powerful) stuff is done.

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