DreamSpark: Micro$oft's Free Software (Freeware) Program for Students Worldwide

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Micro$oft has a cool program that enables students worldwide to download expen$ive software for FREE » DreamSpark ..

DreamSpark: Cool Free Software from Microsoft for Students

.. which includes applications of both development (US$800) & design (US$700).

Smart move by M$, since students can't afford expen$ive software, anyway. (It's not like they're gonna forfeit any revenue.) "Indoctrinate them early & often," I always say.

Believe M$ launched program Feb '08. All downloadable programs li$ted » AQUI.

Speaking of free software (freeware) from M$, here's a link to some cool program that you DON"T need to be a student in order to download » Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition.

And also speaking of free software, I'm really enjoying learning PHP/MySQL. Finding it surprisingly math-y .. and I love math. I especially like that it MAKES SENSE (.. since many things in my life don't).

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I've always enjoyed learning about cool technology, and PHP/MySQL are no different. I find comfort in their logic, and take refuge in their predictability.

The secret to learning cool software is .. (drumroll, pls) » leave the house, and leave the laptop home. If I stay home, other things seem to interfere. If I have laptop, I use it. If not, I have nothing to do but » read (950 pages + 100 index = fat).

In other news, I been looking to upgrade the Rad Community Forums to YaBB v2.2.2 (released last week). Having problems, tho. (And I'm not the only one.)

Right now we use YaBB v2.2.1, so this would be a minor upgrade. Still, I prefer to use the latest release. Currently unable to proceed any further. Had no such trouble installing v2.2.1.

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