Barack Obama Elected First (half) Black President

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Went to Tom's last night for a house-warming party. He recently sold his townhome and moved into an apartment.

President-elect Obama & family

I said, "Dude, turn on the elections." He hadn't yet set up his cable TV service, so he dug out an old set of rabbit ears from a storage box, and spent 20 minutes trying to get a signal.

We watched the election returns on his (new) plasma TV .. connected to a (old) set of rabbit ears.

The signal periodically faded, then returned. Interesting how we watched history being made via the old (rabbit ears) and new (plasma TV). Kinda symbolic.

Everybody was wiping tears. (Tho for different reasons.) Some felt history books a hundred years from now will point back to this night as a major milestone (.. for better or worse, which remains to be seen).

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Still hard to believe. Will probably take some time to sink in. Too bad his grandmother (the woman who raised him) died the day before. So close.

Being elected president does not make one a great person. It's what they do with their time in office that counts. Most agree he ran an effective, disciplined campaign, which is a good start .. perhaps a good omen. Let's hope. (Time will tell.) And reconciling his white half with his black half puts him in good sted toward reconciling a divided nation.

For more along these lines, here's a Google search preconfigured for the query » Barack Obama elected first black president

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