Biking to Coffee Shop with Laptop

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Rode my mountain bike to the coffee shop today with laptop in tow. Now, I've carried my laptop along to the coffee shop numerous times (in the car). And I've ridden there plenty of times. But this is the first time I've biked there *with* laptop.

Rad's Mountain Bike

Not sure why this feels like such a cool thing, but it does. Maybe it's the sense of freedom it brings, like backpacking. Liberating.

I was patting myself on the back, telling a friend how I'd rode there with a zero-carbon footprint .. to which he responded, "Yeah, if you don't consider all the jet-fuel they burned flying in that coffee you're drinking."

On a more technical note, I started studying PHP & MySQL this week. Been wanting to learn those technologies for some time. Now felt like the right time.

PHP has become a powerful scripting language, and also very popular (used by more than 20 million web domains). And since it's based on the C programming language, I might learn some of that in the process.

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To this end, I downloaded and installed WampServer 2.0c yesterday. This version contains Apache 2.2.8, MySQL 5.0.51b, and PHP 5.2.6. This install went way easier than the one I did last year (v1.7.1).

This version of WampServer (2.0c) uses similar versions of the software currently used on the new Rad VPS. See » here.

Speaking of programming languages, laptops and the coffee shop .. there's a guy I always see there, who works as a game programmer for Nintendo Wii. He arrives early (riding his bike), grabs a corner table, removes his shoes and goes to work (on his laptop). Walking in, I always ask, "What language you using, Kurt?"

Sometimes he answers, "Java." Other times it's, "C." He uses many, depending on which part of the game he's developing. This morning he answered, "Not working today." =)

Writing this entry at the coffee shop. How did my abstinence go? I made it a week, which is a big deal for me.

Vivid dream last night » drove my car (which I no longer have) into a river (intentionally), where it caught on fire (I know, this makes no sense) and burned to a mere shell of itself. Later I asked myself, "Why the heck did I do that?" Very weird dream. Woke to these bizarre images at 5AM. [Must've been some good coffee, huh? =) ]

The site is seeing lots of traffic this week .. most in months. Not sure where it's coming from (its source), or where it's heading (destination). If I get some extra time, maybe I'll try to look that up.

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