Guess Who's Back

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Two county sheriffs (1 male & 1 female) escorted me out after court this week. That's never happened before. I think they were just ensuring nothing happened en route. Keeping the peace. You know how ugly things can get during a custody battle.

Pooh & Piglet catching butterfliesI actually liked being escorted. Felt safe, protected. One walked on each side. They were very nice, professional. So I appreciate whoever it was that set it up. Tho I got some strange looks from passersby.

The sheriffs walked me to the edge of the property, where they watched me cross the street, then waved goodbye. =)

Kinda surreal, I thought, while waiting there at the bus stop (.. like this whole ordeal has been).

This time in court was very different. I hardly said anything. Experts testified.

First, the courtroom was cleared of all unessential people (not uncommon, due to the nature of the accusations). If you were there, and listening carefully, you might've heard the judge say the word I've been waiting to hear for years » enough.

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Spent the last three days with the Bug. (No more Restraining Order.) Had a super-great time with him. He woke yesterday saying, "I feel strong." (Read him a chapter from Treasure Island every night.) Comments like that make my heart sing.

Of course, whenever I haven't seen him for so long (nearly a month this time), I wanna do whatever he wants. We did some serious jumping on the trampoline, and tried to catch butterflies at the Nature Center.

Went for an ice-cream down on Balboa Island one evening. Haven't been there since last summer. The Asian girl who works there remembered him, saying, "I remember his voice." (Thousands of kids come thru there every year, and he *does* have the coolest voice.)

We even went down to Laguna to go kayaking with Julie. He was excited about the idea, but chickened out at the last minute. (The water had turned cold overnight.) Wish I had him for fireworks tonight. (It's my favorite holiday of the year.)

Starting to feel the effects of last month's trauma. Exhaustion setting in. Way deep inside. Emotionally drained. Spent. Feel like I could sleep for days, cuz I haven't slept well for weeks. Been having the wildest dreams, too.

Wouldn't be surprised if this took a few years off my life. But I've been here before (many times). So I know the drill. (Too well.)

Think I might need some iron supplements or something, cuz I'm feeling more wupped than usual. (Where'd I put that Advil?) Tho I was feeling great when the Bug was here. Maybe I'll fix a batch of puttanesca. Hopefully life can return to some semblance of normalcy.

For more along these lines, here's a Google search for » child custody battle false accusation sexual abuse

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