Strange Looks

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Ever noticed, while going about your day (minding your own business), that people seem to be staring at you? Your eyes meet by chance and they quickly look away.

Rad-ensteinOnce or twice, it's no big deal. But when it happens lots of times, it starts to make you wonder .. "Why are people looking at me?"

Been noticing this .. the last few days. First few times, I wrote if off as mere coincidence. Chance glance. But today (especially) I started becoming self-conscious and wondering .. "Do I look strange?"

I admit I've been dealing with some gnarly stuff lately. (Was in court again last week .. the place where dads get slayed.) These things can take a toll. So I've been feeling rather .. 'rugged' lately.

Then (paying more attention) I noticed most of these 'looks' coming from .. ladies. Hmmm. Maybe spring is in the air and all that. But their looks tend to seem more like what you'd expect at a freakshow (a few mouths agape) .. than someone responding to birds or bees.

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Yet (now that I think about it) some ladies have been 'extra nice' to me lately .. so I can't figure it out. Maybe next time, I should speak up and ask .. "Excuse me, why are staring at me?"

Looking in a mirror today, I can't I say look particularly good. "Beat with an ugly stick" would be more accurate. But hey, some ladies appreciate that 'weathered' look. (And I have been feeling weathered.) I certainly haven't been dressing-to-impress.

With few exceptions, most of the romantic glances I've acted upon have ended in pain-n-suffering. So now I just look the other way and mind my own biz-ness.

Speaking of the birds-n-bees .. a hummingbird flew up to me yesterday. It hovered right in front of my forehead (within arm's reach) .. the closest a hummingbird has ever come. Hummingbirds are supposed to bring or represent 'happiness.'

"Are you here to bring me happiness?" I asked. He seemed to ponder my question for a few secs, while buzzing loudly .. then flew away. Very cool encounter. (I *do* feel happier today.)

In other news, today is Cinco de Mayo (.. a big deal here in SoCal ..) a day to celebrate Mexico's defeat of the French in 1862. Good reason eat tacos and drink Mexican beer. Olé!

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