"My daddy's here! My daddy's here!"

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Haven't seen the Bug for nearly a month. (Missed both his birthday & Christmas.) He's been back East with his mom for the holidays (.. and then some). When I arrived this morning, he came running out to the curb shouting, "Daddy! Daddy!"

Rad's Pink Cadillac That was a first. (Normally I have to park & knock before I can see him in the morning.)

Didnt even have a chance to turn off the car.

There he was. His eyes literally sparkled .. like sunlight dancing on water.

So excited was I to SEE him .. that I fumbled with the key .. unable to pull it out fast enough.

"Daddy! Daddy!" he said, glowing with anticipation as I approached, "I got a treasure chest!" "A treasure chest?" I repeated, picking him up. "Let's go see!"

"Momma! Momma!" he cried, yanking open the door and running inside, "My daddy's here! My daddy's here!" The excitement in his voice seemed to fill the whole house as it echoed outside. (I'm not welcome inside.)

It always strikes me the way he says, "My daddy's here," when I arrive .. instead of just (plain ol'), "Daddy's here." Is that possessive?

Little kids are so honest. If they like you (or not) .. you know it .. in no uncertain terms.

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He's asleep now. Not feeling well. His mom said he was up last night with a high fever. I'll try to nurse him back to health .. before I have to give him back. I'm making puttanesca now, cuz he requested some of, "Dada's pasta."

Told him I might get a new job .. so I could make more money .. "to buy him cool things." A friend asked him, "Do you want your dad to work more so he can buy you cool things? Or spend more time with you?"

How do you think he responded? It surprised me that he didn't have to stop and think. There was no delay.

Raising kids is hard .. even under the best of circumstances. I envy normal families .. who get to see their kids every day.

I had trouble falling asleep last night, knowing I would see him today. (I get excited myself.)

When you have so little time together, every minute is precious. I try to cram a whole week's worth of love and attention into a few days. (In this case, a month's worth.)

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Dude-- a beautiful entry, though bittersweet because of the elapsed time. I don't know how you keep your sanity, though I am thankful you do - to whatever degree - it is an inspiration to everyone else in different but similar circumstances. Your sacrifice is most definitely worth it. Keep the faith, brotha!!

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