Pavarotti Drops by for Puttanesca (A Rad Dream)

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Cool dream last night. Ultra-realistic & vivid. » In a cozy cabin set up in the mountains, I'm cooking a batch of my world-famous puttanesca .. when shortly before sunset I hear this heavenly singing. So I set down my big wooden spoon and go investigate.

PavarottiOpening the front door, I see (with snow-capped mountains framing the distant backdrop) Pavarotti and another fellow walking up the dirt path. [ No, I don't own any Pavarotti CDs. ]

They're singing (with great passion) the most beautiful songs I've ever heard (Italian opera). Indescribably gorgeous. (Think » sex for your ears.)

Pavarotti has a huge smile on his face. Beaming. He seems like the happiest man in the world. Both men are wearing hiking clothes.

With hand outstretched, Pavarotti calls out, "My friend, forgive the intrusion, but we've been following this wonderful aroma for many kilometers."

I tell him what I'm fixing and Pavarotti responds with a proposition, "If you will kindly fix us each a small plate, we will sing for you *two* songs while you cook, another two while we eat, and two more after dinner." (each time emphasizing the word » two)

While I ponder his offer, Pavarotti saunters up and says in my ear (quite matter-of-factly), "Many think I'm the greatest singer ever, but actually my cousin here is much better. He just couldn't tolerate the music industry and its shenanigans."

Other than how beautiful the singing sounds, the most poignant part of my dream is how happy Pavarotti seems. Downright radiant, he never stops smiling.

Of course, I invite them in. While Pavarotti warms himself by the fire, I ask his cousin, "Is he always this happy?" "Yes," he answers, "I think there's something wrong with him." (which makes me smile)

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That's when I woke. I should note that I haven't thought about Pavarotti in .. well, I've never thought about him very much. Own none of his music/CDs. Didn't even know his first name.

First thing I thought about upon waking was how gorgeous the singing sounded. Almost supernatural in its effect on me. Then I noted how, in real life, things have been smelling remarkably wonderful these last few days (everything from cream cheese to sun screen).

But Later on, I got to thinking, and wondered, "Isn't Pavarotti dead?" (Sure enough, Google says he is.)

Used to date a girl who had a knack for interpreting dreams. (She always told me I had very cool dreams.) Maybe I should call?

On a related note .. I've been feeling pretty good lately .. especially considering the circumstances. [ Was in court again last week .. for more depressing developments, but they don't seem to phase me any more. The ability to weather serious blows and survive (while refusing to respond in kind) builds confidence .. that we're more resilient than we think. ]

Along these lines, I think happiness is more a function of direction than (it is) of location. For example, if you take a homeless person in sub-Saharan Afrika and tell them they'll be moving into their very own mud hut, they'd likely be thrilled.

But if you take a wealthy American here and tell them the very same thing, they'd be seriously bummed. So (my point is ») what makes us happy is relative to direction (which is affected by our current position/status).

I've been pretty low recently .. visiting places no one should ever have to go. The thing is .. after a while (I've discovered), even the ugly places start looking good .. cuz they're not as bad as other places I've been. (Relativity comes into play, and it no longer takes much to make me happy.)

Anyway .. things have been smelling remarkably good lately, and hotties have been giving me the eye, and now things are starting to sound heavenly. What does this mean? Dunno. Maybe God sent Pavarotti into my dreams to sing beautiful Italian songs (.. or maybe it was just the pizza). Whatever's happening, I like it. =)

In geekier news, I've begun learning Javascript. Already learned the basics. Currently delving into functions and how they work. Cool stuff. Javascript's design principles are inherited from Scheme, which is a good language to learn programming. Will share more later.

For more along these lines, here's a Google search for the query » pavarotti puttanesca dream

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