Texans Most Generous? | A Stati$tical Curio

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It occurred to me again today, while composing a short thank-you note, that Texans donate more to the Rad cause (this site) than all other states combined.

TexasNever been ever to figure out this statistical curio, seeing I live in California.

I've lived in many states over the years .. including Connecticut (where I grew up), Florida, (where I attended both bootcamp & the Navy's Nuclear Power school), Maine (shipyard at Bath Iron Works), Hawaii (the first state away from home to feel like home), Idaho (gorgeous .. in the summer), Washington, Pennsylvania & Illinois, and vacationed in many others, but Texas isn't one of them ..

.. tho I do recall being enchanted with the sense of expanse there as I drove thru the panhandle on I-40 (on my way to California). There was something compelling about the landscape .. readily apparent soon as we crossed the border. Vast & open. Felt like I could see for a hundred miles. Couldn't stop looking, as if it were beckoning.

So maybe Texans are simply the most generous?

Anyway, thanks to all you Texans for your continued generosity over the years .. especially during these difficult economic times, when so many are struggling financially. I'm sincerely grateful.

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I'm normally reluctant to post entries about contributions, cuz I don't want anyone to feel pressured to follow suit. That certainly isn't the case, and the site has never been about that.

It's merely an interesting statistical anomaly that I cannot explain .. since one would normally expect a quasi-equal distribution across the national spectrum .. instead of this towering spike at Texas.

Speaking of donations .. I added a 'Subscription' button today (bottom of left-side column) .. which sets up a monthly donation. Didn't even know such a button existed. The 'Make a Donation' button is apparently a 1-time-only deal, whereas 'Subscribe' is continuing.

The only thing I didn't like is Paypal makes you enter a default value. (Tho I think it can be changed.) Guess I could create a few buttons with a few different default amounts.

Also, the markup that Paypal generates to create these buttons does not validate as XHMTL Strict (produced 16 errors), so I had to go in and massage their form markup.

When your readers request Subscription-payment buttons, you know you have good readers. =)

Fragrant Curios

While on the topic of curios .. I can't get over how *good* everything smells. I mean, everywhere I go these last few days, I run into great smelling things. Not sure why.

Smells are exploding in my nostrils and the world smells so good (.. kinda like they do when you're in love). Good smells can actually make you feel happy (I've discovered). Spring is in the air .. and it smells good.

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