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My driver's license was suspended today. Actually, it was suspended back in January, but the suspension didn't take effect until today. Won't bore you with the gory details, but it had nothing to do with my driving.

The Bus | Orange County TransportationSo I've been researching the bus schedules here in Orange county .. and been impressed with their system.

For example, they have a trip planner, which allows you to enter a point of origin and a destination, and the planner will spit out an itinerary, which you can sort in differents ways, such as » by fastest route, fewest transfers, or shortest walking distance. Impressive technology.

I even placed a few calls today .. to ask questions about things I couldn't find on their web site, and had zero wait-time. Very pleasant people, too. Again » impressive customer support. Whoever runs that enterprise is doing a great job.

Facts I uncovered:

  • OCTA doesn't use transfers.
  • Costs $1.50 each time you board a bus (any bus), including those at so-called 'transfers points'. So if your trip involves a transfer, that's $3.

  • Day-pass costs $4. So if your trip will involve more than 2 boardings (which they normally do), best to purchase a day-pass.
  • Kids 6 and under ride free. So the Bug is good to go. (He's 4.)

  • Exact change required, as drivers don't make change. (Passes can be purchased from driver.)
  • Week-pass also available .. for $20. (Doesn't seem like a great deal to me.)

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  • 15-day pass costs $35 (again, no great savings here.)
  • 30-day pass cost $55 (Decent discount only if you ride everyday.)

  • Busses have no restrooms. (Go easy on the coffee.)
  • Larger busses have bike-racks mounted up front. Each bus holds (only) 2 bikes each.

  • If your trip involves a transfer, and the timing will be tight at your transfer stop/point, your driver can call ahead to the driver of the next bus, and they will wait for you to arrive .. up to 3 minutes. (Pretty cool.)
  • Can only get on & off at designated stops (not in between).

Who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks? The beat goes on.

For more on this topic, here's a Google search preconfigured for the query » octa orange county bus

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