Took the Bug Back -- Despite

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Took the Bug back to his mom this morning. He woke with a fever (102). No runny nose, no sneezing, no cough. Just a fever. Normally I'd keep him until later this afternoon.


The weird thing is .. we spent the day in court yesterday (uh, was not pretty) .. where I am doing everything I can to stay in his life.

I resist parenting stereotypes, but I truly believe moms are better at caring for sick children.

I've heard friends say things like, "The only time I ever felt love from my mother was when I was sick." (Sad, no?)

Dads, I feel, are better at things like .. taking kids to Disneyland, fishing, rock-climbing, fireworks, and bouncing on trampolines (fun stuff). So I am feeling conflicted. Plus, I always hate to see him sick.

My brother (a doctor) said, every time kids get sick, it immunizes them against a dozen other bugs .. so it's actually a good thing. Still, it bothers me to see him sick. It's like my whole world gets put on hold.

Hope I made the right decision. I just called and he's fast asleep. (If he were here, he'd probably want to play.) I try to focus on what's best for him. But we're only human, which means we make mistakes.

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