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Friends have long suggested I contact the newspapers (such as the LA Times) regarding the ongoing (and continuing) false accusations of child abuse being levied against me. (See previous entry.)

There have been more than a dozen accusations filed with various state agencies (including police departments in 3 different cities). All of which have been deemed "unfounded".

In the past I have contacted my Congressman and State Senator. But that seemed to do little good. (They simply forwarded my complaints to the court. Won't be voting for them, you can be sure.) So yesterday I contacted the Press.

Don't know if they will help (or know somebody who can). But I'm desperate and don't know where else to turn. This has been going on for way too long, and it's damaging my son.

Making a false police report (btw) is a crime.

Everybody familiar with the details of the case have two feelings in common:

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  1. Profound sense of injustice.

  2. Concern for the psychological damage being inflicted on an innocent little boy, who is repeatedly being drug from the police station (where they pull down his pants and photograph his private parts) to the CAST facility, where he is forced to talk about things that little 4-year boys should never have to discuss.

Father's dayI don't however, want to leave the wrong impression. The Bug is so cool, that despite all this krap we've been thru (for years now), I'd still, if given the chance, do it over again.

The court does not let me post pictures, but I can assure you he is (as one friend put it) "drop-dead gorgeous." Not only is he beautiful (sorry, I'm gushing), but he is the coolest & so much fun to be with. And he has the coolest voice.

The thing people comment most on however, is his vocabulary. He talks surprisingly well for a 4-year old (and ever since he was old enough to talk). He can carry on a decent conversation with an adult. Unfortunately, he's had to use that skill more than he should've. More than *any* toddler should.

Writing about him is close as I'm gonna get this Father's day. Come to think about it, I've never seen him on Father's day. (Christmas either.) Something to look forward to.

So maybe you'll be reading about us in the papers soon, and about how the system continues to let a mom put her toddler-son thru this disgusting stuff (during his most formative years) despite more than a dozen accusations .. all of which have been deemed 'unfounded". You don't have to go to law school to know that ain't right.

The system that was put in place to protect kids is letting my son down. And you shouldn't need an expensive lawyer to get results from the system .. not when the welfare an innocent little boy is at stake.

If somebody happens to see my son, please tell him I love him and that his tomatoes have started to turn red.

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I'm so sorry that my magic wand is broken...
my heart aches for you... and the bug...

It's WAY bad that the courts can't see that using your little boy like this constitutes child abuse and proves the mother is totally unfit. Keep praying, and I will also. Prayer works wonders!!

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