No More Diapers or i-key on Laptop

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Got rid of the Bug's last few diapers today. He hasn't worn diapers for months, even at night. Seemed symbolic when I dropped those Huggies into the trash. End of an era. (He's 4 now.) Good that he's developing, but kinda sad, cuz they're only small once .. for such a short time.

Speaking of little ones .. the Dog called today and said his wife is pregnant. Due in October. I'm so happy for him. Couldn't stop smiling.

He's in New York. He will make a great dad. (His first.) He married a girl from the Czech Republic. (You know what they say about Czech girls.)

My laptop had a sticky i-key. So I popped it off with a thin flathead screwdriver and broke the dang mounting clip that attaches the key itself to laptop. Or at least it popped off too.

Tiny parts. Hard to work with. Broke out a magnifying glass. Hard to do anything with a magnifying glass in one hand.

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Can still use the i-key, but wondered if it might get damaged by using without the protective key/cover. So I broke out an old USB keyboard I had in storage. An illuminated keyboard, which I simply set on top of the laptop keyboard.

Still have access to the touchpad this way. I like these keys cuz they are laptop-style .. short stoke. Tho these require a bit more force to depress .. slightly stiffer spring-action. And the spacebar is shorter, so I keep hitting the dang ALT-key (just to the right of the spacebar), which means I have to hit the ESC key to clear the ALT menu.

It's dark in here right now. Only the screen and soft-blue illuminated keyboard. Kinda cool. I like working in the dark. Me & the cat. (Black cat with green eyes. Simon is actually the neighbor's cat, but he's here more than there.)

If anybody knows how to re-seat the mounting-clip that goes under the keys, shoot me a note. Think I shoulda just used my finger to pry off the key, and not a screwdriver, cuz I think the screwdriver got under the mounting clip too, and popped it off. It's in 2 parts.

Oh, I also installed IE8 today. No major diffs that I can see. Seems to take longer to open a new browser window, tho.

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