Can Expectations Affect Reality?

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Haven't worked out in a while. So yesterday I went to the club with the intention of working my legs, cuz that's where I usually begin after an extended layoff .. squats, etc.

Arnold's legsNormally, my legs get pretty sore aft er one of these workouts (following an extended layoff). Takes a few weeks of regular exercise to get back in shape.

So I was kinda dreading that sore-leg feeling .. walking around like a zombie for a few days .. all stiff and what-not. In other words, I fully expected my legs to be sore today.

I had every intention of working out, but soon after arriving, I received a call that prevented me from do so.

Today however, my legs are sore. Seriously sore. They feel *exactly* the way they do after a workout following an extended layoff .. and the way I would expect them to feel had I actually worked out .. all stiff and what-not. I'm even doing the zombie shuffle.

Yet I didn't do anything. Not even one single exercise. Didn't even get a chance to change into my work-out duds. Weird, no?

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Are expectations really that powerful? I want to believe this soreness is caused by something else I've done, but I can't think of anything. And they never feel this way except for a leg work-out (following an extended lay-off).

Tomorrow I think I'll drop by the club for a few minutes .. and ruminate about working my upper body .. then leave before lifting any iron. My new physical fitness routine.

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