Way of the World + Kisses & the Trough

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Yes, I'm alive. (Been getting lots of mail.) This was the longest I ever went without posting an update .. short of backpacking in Yosemite for a month. Life. It gets gnarly sometimes. (You know the drill.)

I'm getting an education in the ways of the world .. the way things work .. the way things really work. Do you recall that song by Earth, Wind & Fire » Way of the World? It contains a verse:

Child is born
With a heart of gold
Way of the world
Makes his heart grow cold

I know a little 'bout where that song is coming from.

Don't want to leave the wrong impression, cuz we are good. Tho some are calling for their pound of flesh. Looking behind, I have no butt left. (Just a ragged stump.)

Friends say I'm being naive. And I can see they're right. (I appreciate straight-talking friends, who have the courage to say things I might not wanna hear.)

I'm also learning that *everybody* has their problems .. even people who seem like their lives are perfect .. especially people who seem like their lives are perfect. I'm talking about BIG problems. Problems that take years to overcome .. or are never fully surmounted.

I've noticed more people approaching me now .. to share extremely sensitive things .. and yes, I can relate. Maybe they sense this, which is why they feel comfortable approaching me with such heart-wrenching stories.

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Battman, Where Are You?

Speaking of troubling stories .. last time I talked to my friend Battman, he had moved in with a guy (rented a room from him), who he later discovered was a convicted felon, BIG man, violent man, recently released from state prison, who threatened Battman for leaving crumbs in the sink (after he made a sandwich).

Regulars might recall Battman sending monthly updates from his 18-month world-tour (a few years ago). Anyway, Battman started laughing, thinking it was some kind of joke. The BIG, scary violent man did not appreciate Battman laughing at him. (Something to do with his mom insisting on a clean sink while he was growing up.)

Last I heard, Battman was planning to move .. tho I have been unable to get a hold of him for more than a month now. Left numerous messages on his cell, saying I ws going to call the police if I didn't hear from him soon. I mean, I hope he's not pushing up daisies in the back yard.

If I don't hear from him by tomorrow, I'm calling the police. Unfortunately, I don't know where he lives, since the move.

Kisses & the Trough

Lotsa gnarly stories I could share, but I'll close on a more pleasant note. Was sitting in the coffee shop this morning, talking to a guy (architect) at the next table, sipping my espresso, when up walks this girl I hadn't seen in weeks .. looking tan, fit & trim. (I'm attracted to athletic girls.)

Without saying a word, she took my hand and rubbed the back with her thumb, as she bent over and kissed my cheek .. with one of those slow, lingering kisses .. the kind where their lips stick to your skin as they pull away.

Waay sensual. Caught me completely off guard. Left me speechless & woozy. After she walked away (without saying a word), I turned to the guy and said, "What the heck were we talking about?" (He laughed.)

Been a long time since I've felt any feminine tenderness. Never did go over and talk to her, tho. I mean, if a dog gets whacked every time he comes to the trough, eventually, even tho he likes food, and is hungry, he will stop coming. (If ya know what I mean.) Bow wow.

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