Spit in My Face

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I was spit on today (08-08-08). Never been spit on before .. certainly not in my face, nor with such venom (think » cobra). Surprised me more than anything.

Spitting cobra

Someone would have to be pritty-mad to (even want to) spit in your face. Yes, I took a shower .. more however, to wash off the 'intangibles' than any salivary organics.

The anger was palpable. (Literally.) And for no stated reason. Just a general-purpose spray-down .. at high-velocity. Tho I might've sensed a hint of frustration.

I was holding the Bug at the time. My biggest concern is he might pick up on these uh, 'negative' emotions. (Hard not to.)

Othewise, spitting is so .. low-class. Juvenile. Ill-bred. What kind of person spits on someone? (After kindergarten.)

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Actually, it was on the side of my face (left side), and caught mostly by my hair. Still, the effect is more emotional, than physical.

Friends continue to express surprise at my self-control, saying they would've handled it "much differently". At a minimum (they say) I should've called the police, claiming most modern PDs have a kit they can use to test saliva .. and compare it with a sample from the spitter. A positive match results in spitter being charged with assault.

I'm reluctant however, to escalate .. (for reasons I can't elaborate on). Walking away, this person looked over their (left) shoulder and said, "You're lucky." =) (Ya can't make this stuff up, folks.)

Site Attack

On a seemingly unrelated note .. the site is under attack. Scripting abuse in the forums. Getting hundreds of notices. See here » Scripting Abuse Detected: Guardian. (A form of SQL injection attack.)

The forum software (YaBB, latest version) is handling the attack (no problem) and the server isn't even sweating. (A good analogy, I think, for the previously-mentioned topic.)

Flash Memory Drive

On a geekier note, I ordered a USB Flash drive, 16-GB ($36, after rebate). Prices been dropping like crazy. Flash drives seem cool, but upon closer inspection, external hard drives are not only faster, but also provide (far) more storage capacity-per-peso ($90 for 500 gigs).

On a tangential note, I noticed my first external 1-Terabyte external drive. See » here. How cool would it be to have one of those puppies sitting on your desk? (Wouldn't have to worry about storage any time soon.)

But Flash drives are so easy to drop in your pocket and carry along. And you can boot from them, too.

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