Rad's Nuclear Grade Crock Pot Stew

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Have a special treat for you today » my Nuclear Grade Stew recipe (2 pages). I've made this stew at least 50 times over the years .. probably closer to a hundred. Now that autumn is here, and the nights are getting chilly, it's time to break out the crock pot.

Crock PotFor the pages that contain this recipe, I designed a new, single-sidebar layout .. another liquid-elastic hybrid. See what you think.

For previous web pages, I used a design that comprised dual-sidebars, one on each side, cuz I liked the balanced, symmetric look provided by that layout. So this feature took longer to complete than expected, cuz I first had to code the CSS from scratch.

I've made this stew for the Bug many times (cutting the veggies into smaller pieces so they fit easily in his little mouth). So it's made with lots of love. He digs it.

Been lagging on entries lately, as you mighta noticed. Been dabbling in Programming. Kinda got lost. Big subject.

On the personal side, I took the Bug kayaking last week .. out on the Newport Back Bay. (No waves there.) He later confided, "Dad, at first I was a little scared. But now I'm not scared." We stopped at a small island where he got out and searched for buried treasure.

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Then a few days ago, I broke out the tent and we did some 'camping' here in the back yard. He fell asleep in record time that night .. while I read to him a few pages from The Hobbit, using a headlamp. Both the tent-camping & kayaking at the Back Bay were new experiences for him.

Finally finished reading Treasure Island .. probably the greatest bed-time story ever written for young boys with healthy imaginations. We musta read it 3 or 4 times, with certain sections much more .. such as the chapter where Jim Hawkins tells Long John Silver, "I'm not afraid of you."

Been biking everywhere with the Bug, too. He rides pretty good for a 4-year old. "Can you do this, dad?" "Dad, how 'bout this? Can you do this?" "No, not like that, dad. You're not doing it right. Like this! Watch me. Watch how I do it." =)

Tonight Frontline takes us to » Tehran (9PM). Revolution in the streets. Should be interesting. Can be viewed online » here.

For more along these lines here's a Google search preconfigured for the query » crock pot slow cooker beef stew recipe

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