Autumn Begins .. with a Single Drop

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Autumnal equinox today. The exact moment when the sun crosses the equator (heading south) = 9:18 PM UTC, which = 2:18 PM Pacific Daylight.

Autumn ColorsNational Geo says » 5:19 AM Eastern (which = 2:19 AM PDT), so I think they type-o'ed AM, when they meant PM.

Nevertheless, it's still the best page I've seen yet on the subject .. cuz it explains why there's not (yet) 12 hours of (equal) day & night. Cool video, too.

Just noticed I used a picture of a spigot dripping water in yesterday's entry (» re: Conditional Love, near the end) ..

.. while a photo (using high-speed photography) shows a droplet hitting the surface in the entry directly below it (» New Layout Design, posted 9/15), which I used to represent LIQUID designs.

••• today's entry continues here below •••

The two entries therefore look connected [ when originally posted on the home page ], don't they? But aren't. Two completely unrelated subjects .. made nealy a week apart. Totally did not plan it that way. At least, I don't think I did. (I'm not that clever.) Must be a coincidence.

Update - I truncated the previous entry cuz it was getting long, and posted the remainder (including the spigot) here » Conditional Love = Manipulation.

For more along these lines, here's a Google search prconfigured for the query » autumnal equinox.

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