The Flu Season & Runaway Semi's

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Woke a few days ago feeling weird. Within hours, it felt like I'd been run over by a semi. My symptoms (a quick search revealed) suggested I had the flu.


Now I've had the flu before (and I ain't 'fraid of no stinkin' flu), but this one came fast-n-furious .. a particularly vicious strain.

Most striking was the severe fatigue. Felt like I might not ever have any energy again. Didn't even have enough energy to focus mentally (concentrate).

Also had a wicked-high fever. My body pumped out enough BTU's to supply the industrial energy needs a small, third-world country.

Ate fresh oranges and drank water by the liter. Tried to rest, but that wasn't always possible.

Woke last night drenched. You know that lovely feeling? Nothing quite like waking in the middle of the night to find everything you're wearing clinging to your skin .. cold, damp & clammy and smelling rather funky.

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But I felt fine. Symptoms had vanished. Today I feel .. normal. Hard to believe I can feel this normal after feeling so incredibly lousy this time yesterday.

Not sure if I really feel good, or if I just think I feel good .. cuz I no longer feel so miserable.

The flu (I read) lasts 2-7 days. Mine lasted 3 (long enough). Much longer than that could start to take a serious toll.

Also weird » in the days before this hit, I was feeling surprisingly good. Much better than normal. Weird. So the change from good-to-bad and bad-to-good were both surprisingly swift.

My brother is a doctor (surgeon). He says our bodies build resistance to bugs by fighting them off .. similar to the way exercise works. He claims drinking copious fluids is the key to rapid recovery.

"Fluids are like the medics who run out onto the battlefield," he said, "and carry off the dead soldiers in stretchers .. so reinforcements can better fight the invaders." (.. which sounds like biological warfare on a personal level.)

And we keep hearing from World Health experts of the likelihood of another global pandemic .. similar to what occurred in 1918. Probably best to begin preparing for that now, by fighting off these lesser bugs .. altho this one seemed pretty nasty to me.

On the positive side, I'm a few pounds lighter. Free diet program. All natural. Guaranteed to slim you down in a jiffy. Burn calories at a ferocious rate. Much faster than any diet pills.

Washing the sheets & sweats now. (They were so gross.) Added plenty of bleach. Think I might head over to the club later and sit in the sauna for a while. Heck, I feel good enough to work-out .. tho I should probably take it easy for a few days.

The ribs under my arms are sore .. like somebody worked me over (just below my armpits). Maybe they're sore from hacking so much (coughing). Feels kinda weird.

For more along these lines, here's a Google search preconfigured for the query » flu influenza pandemic

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