Video Tutorial for Dreamweaver CS4

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While recovering from the crud this weekend, I took the opportunity to work thru a video-tutorial for Dreamweaver CS4 .. consisting of ~10 hours worth of instruction and 18 chapters.

So I've gotten up-to-speed on DW.CS4 .. the world's finest web design software. (This page you're reading now was created with Dreamweaver.)

Excellent tutorial. Last year, I worked thru the same title (» Essential Training) for Dreamweaver CS3, which was also good. But this one (done by different guy) was noticeably better.

I especially liked how the guy who narrates this video tutorial (for DW.CS4) spent significant time focusing on the intracacies of working with CSS.

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I noticed that (in March of last year) he released another title for Dreamweaver that focused specifically on working with CSS. So I can see why this title is so CSS-oriented.

Consequently, I've become comfortable working with CSS .. on any level. (Practice make perfect.) Style however (no matter how elegant) is never a substitute for content and effective writing.

Now that I'm in the video-tutorial flow, I was considering working thru the Dreamweaver title for Dynamic Development .. which covers working with application servers for PHP and/or ColdFusion.

These tutorials spoon-feed you cool techno know-how .. elevating your geek skills to another level. I watched most of the videos twice (some 3 times) to ensure I grokked all the concepts and fully gleaned each technique.

Working with cool software (such as Dreamweaver) is so much more enjoyable when we understand how to wield its features. (I use Dreamweaver most every day.)

I prefer instructors who talk fast. Keeps me focused. My mind tends to wander with instructors who talk slow.

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