Ordered More Memory & New Hard Drive (Upgrade time)

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Ordered more memory/RAM today .. for my laptop. Currently have installed 512-MB (2x256 SODIMMs), but this thing is painfully slow. (Wait, yawn, then wait some more.)

Can't believe it was so cheap » $21 for a full gig. I bought two sticks. So I'll soon be upgrading .. to 2 full gigs (which is the max my laptop can handle). Woohoo!

I read somewhere the bottom fell out of the memory market, due to severe oversupply. So now would be a good time to stock up on the max your system can handle. Plus, RAM upgrades are stupid-easy. (Pop-out old, pop-in new.)

Whilst in the upgrade-mood, I also ordered a new hard drive. Currently have a 60-gigger installed (chock-full o' krap).

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I want to install a copy of Linux (Ubuntu), so I can learn the command line. So I ordered a 160-gigger .. for $69 (free shipping). That'll give me an extra 100 gigs to play with. Should be nice.

These are upgrades I can really make good use of. (No fluff.) Curious as to what kind of performance improvement I'll notice with quadruple the memory, and a faster hard drive.

In news that hits closer to home .. this last week was one of the most stressful yet. Tension so tight you can almost hear the cracking. (Or is that sound snapping?) D-day comes in September.

I feel confident sanity will prevail. Smart people (with much experience) are looking very closely. (Very!) And the closer you look .. the better I look. Between now & then however, anything could happen.

When the going gets tough, the tough .. upgrade their computers. =)

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