2-GB RAM + New Hard Drive = Laptop Wow!

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I'm back. With 2-gigs of memory + 160-gigs storage. Very impressive. Didn't know this krappy ol' laptop could still sing. Very satisfying upgrade. It's a new day in Radland.

Kinda sore at myself for not doing this sooner. From a seat-of-the-pants perspective, it feels roughly twice as fast. I mean, everything now takes half as long, and some thing are simply » 'whoa' quick.

Desktop icons rebuilding blows me away. And launching Outlook Express (where I have 2 years worth of emails) .. goes wicked-fast now.

Upgraded RAM first. Couldn't have been simpler. Almost too perfect .. if ya know what I mean. Like maybe I used up all my techno-luck on that one upgrade.

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Replacing the hard drive took way longer than I thought, cuz I had to back-up everything to external USB. Little files especially took forever. Next time, I'm gonna use Ghost (or some other Cloning software) .. even on non-system drives. Cuz that seems to go way faster.

Moment of truth came after I restored image ("Recovery point") to the new drive .. and restarted. When I saw black Windows XP screen .. was stoked.

I'm also impressed how much faster this new hard drive is (160-GB). Sure, I knew it'd have more capacity, but I never expected it to be this much quicker.

Now I'm thinking about a 7200-rpm laptop drive. Anybody got one? Wonder if they're hard on the battery. Looks like they require SATA. I only have ATA. =(

Speaking of cloning new drives .. guy from Acronis today sent mail (Director, Corporate & Business Development), asking if I be interested in wrting guide for True Image. They must have a help file, no? (Maybe it ain't Radified?)

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