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Frontline airs the first of a 2-part special tonight, titled » Bush's War (the war which will define the Bush presidency) .. to mark the 5th anniversary of the Iraq invasion. (Part II airs tomorrow night.)

If you miss it, you can catch this (and other Frontline specials) online. See here » Watch Frontline Online.

Bush's WarFrontline is my favorite TV show. Besides no commercials (PBS), and a decidedly understated approach, they manage to uncover facts you simply can't find anywhere else (based on more than 400 interviews) ...

.. which helps us become better-informed citizens.

I also like the way they present their findings .. as objectively as possible, focusing more on the facts than trying to sway the audience .. allowing us to draw our own conclusions. And I like their narrator, too » Will Lyman.

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Tom's Blog: Experience Points

On a geekier note, my rock-climbing buddy (Tom) and two of his cohorts started a blog .. on blogspot .. called Experience Points. They are having lotsa fun with it. See here » Experience Points.

Experience PointsI offered to host a site of their own, based on Movable Type Open Source (way more powerful than blogspot) .. similar to what I did for/with NightOwl. All they would need is to buy a domain name. Our new VPS is set-up for hosting.

I went over Tom's house this weekend .. to watch Into the Wild (again). Both he and his wife (Steph) have read the book. The next morning at the coffee shop we had a big discussion about the movie. I like how he is able to disagree with getting offended.

Tom is from Kentucky. Steph is from New York (state). Both are on their second marriage, and both are hard-core climbers. Both are health-conscious. Steph is a great cook, who focuses on fixing healthy cuisine. They're good at making me feel welcome. Did I mention they have a Plasma TV .. with 5-channel Surround Sound?

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