First Multi-Blog with Movable Type Open Source (MTOS 4.1)

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Now that the site has been moved (to a new server), and the forum script upgraded (to YaBB 2.2.1) my sights turn to Ye Olde Rad Blog (MTOS 4.1).

NightOwlOne of the coolest differences between pre-MTOS versions and this (very first) open source release .. is that we can now create as many different blogs as we want.

Prior to MTOS, the Personal Use license limited you to 1 blog per installation, with a max of 3 authors. (Still does, actually.)

Now (with MTOS) » unlimited blogs, unlimited users/authors. So! Of course, I wanna try out this new feature (multi-blog config .. from the same installation).

NightOwl has reluctantly agreed to be my Guinea pig. Yesterday I created my first blog for someone else (on the same Movable Type installation).

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The procedure was surprisingly straightforward. NightOwl's blog is posted here » NightOwl's Roost. Does the style look familiar? Yeah, it's the default. I'd like to style mine to look more like the (previous) MT 3.35 install.

NightOwl has a cool subdomain to run his blog on/from. He lives up in Olympia, Washington .. the great Pacific Northwest. "God's country." I lived up there for 2 years (nice people). He also helps administrate the forums, and is the author of the (world-famous) » Guide to Creating a Bootable CD/DVD without an A:/ Floppy Drive. More info here » NightOwl's New Blog.

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