Two Months Worth of Daily Entries Converted to Blog + New Quick-Reply, Quick-Quote Mod(ification) for YaBB Forum


I transferred 2 months worth of daily entries (Dec 2007 + Jan 2008) to individual blog entries, using (older) Movable Type v3.35, since that was the version I was using when those entries were made.

It's much easier to reference (via linkage) a particular event .. such as the upgrade to YaBB v2.2 (which did not go well) .. or the Bug's 3rd birthday (which did) .. when I have a daily entry to link to (instead of monthly).

Movable TypeBack in December & January is when I was researching VPS servers, and didn't have time to convert the daily entries to blog entries...

.. after Lunarpages (you might recall) booted us off the server (end of November), and I was worried they were gonna turn off the lights and pull our plug.

But now we're all caught up. (Took me all day, tho. Tedious maximus.) Only the last 2 days don't have blog entries.

Blog entries are also better for search engines, since each page can indexed individually (with its own title).

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New Quick-Reply, Quick-Quote Mod(ification)

Also installed a new (updated) "Quick-Reply, Quick-Quote" mod in the Rad Community forums .. made especially for YaBB v2.2.1 (which we use). I like it a lot. (This used to be two separate mods.)

It allows you to modify the size of the Post/Reply box (both height + width), and also the font size (by clicking +/- signs in lower right-hand corner). Pretty cool mod(ification), especially if your eyes aren't so great. (I prefer 13-pixel.)

All I have remaining now is to style the new blog (MTOS v4.1). What do you think of the current (default) design/style? It's not bad, except for the eyeball-searing white. I really like the title font.

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