Finally Able to Relax + A Letter from the Inbox

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While laying in the sauna last night (where I had a great sweat going), I was thinking how pleased I am with the way things turned out .. with our move to the new VPS server (upgrade). The site is more enjoyable to use, now that's much zippier. Both the blog and the forum are way faster.

SaunaAnd I like how the world of VPS contains such cool language. Consider, for example, the phrase, "Rad on VPS ala Xen." Sounds Ferrari-like, doesn't it?

Laying there (in the steam), I was thinking how many people have worked very hard to make all this cool software (such as MTOS) available .. that I get to play with!

The last few months have been hectic, trying to lower our usage of server resources. I upgraded both the forum & blog scripts. And when that wasn't enough, I had no choice but to move the site. Lunarpages kept threatening to cancel my account, so I had to do something.

Feel like I can finally relax. The move is complete. The site is stable. Nobody is threatening to turn off the lights. Plus these WiredTree support techs are great.

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The biggest thing I didn't know entering the world of VPS is that the guys at WiredTree would move my site, and restore it on their VPS server. I gave them my log-in at Lunarpages and they transferred the back-up file for me. Far easier than I anticipated.

Hadn't expected that level of support. If I'd known they were going to do everything for me, I wouldn't have sweated the move so much.

In other news, I get the Bug today. (That's why I sauna'ed last night.) I like to sweat out the yuckies of the past week before I get him. Been dealing with stuff nobody should have to deal with. To quote an old friend, "It was the best of times, it worst of times." (And the Bug represents "the best.")

I'll leave you with a letter from the Rad indox. Gotta admit, I get some funny mail. This one made me laugh out loud. (I added the linkage.)

First off, lemme say I am in no way at your level of computer awareness, but I definitely do more than just play solitaire. I have read several of your guides and found them extremely useful and easy to understand. And have found myself chuckling pretty good at some of your humor. I hope that qualifies as enough kudos for you to read on and hopefully give me more than a formed reply. Like I said, I read your pages, and if I missed it somewhere, that's my bad.

Since I first stumbled across your Guide to Ripping & Encoding (which I found via Google search » "best way to rip music") I had to re-rip all 500+ CD's of mine. Then, with great excitement at the sound quality, and 2 terabytes of external storage, and a better ripping cdrom (the Plextor is awesome!), I've been commandeering all the CD's of my neighbors, friends, relatives and hell, even people I can't stand.

People have been stopping by and using me like a gas station, except they're filling up their iPods instead of gas tanks. Now people have been donating their old vinyl and the great task of digitizing that has almost begun. I have the equipment and the storage and I have even got the albums arranged in alphabetical order. I may be old and grey before I'm done but it's the kind of job I don't mind. Now two questions: [intentionally ommitted]

PS - My goal is to build a Linux-driven PC and insert it into my stereo cabinet, and use a flat-panel touch-screen to access music over the home system.

This represents the new model you'll find in the world of digital file-sharing, when the RIAA is scanning the web. (The "Filling-station" model.)

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