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While washing dishes yesterday, could've sworn I heard the Bug calling me. Very weird (considering he wasn't here).

Sounded so real that I turned off the faucet and walked outside. Even peeked around the corner. Nothing. Nobody. Am I starting to hear voices? (Or did he really call?)

Used to have a boss who dismissed rumors that couldn't possibly be true by saying, "People hear what they wanna hear."

Fireworks CS4Photoshop vs Fireworks

In other news, I've been learning Photoshop, little by little, tho it's taking longer than expected. (Doesn't everything?)

I wouldn't say it's difficult, but there are so many tools, commands and features .. stacked one on top of the other.

Friend suggested my time would be better spent learning Fireworks. I always thought Fireworks was the Macromedia version of Photoshop. (But it ain't.)

While Photoshop specializes in Print graphics (and photo-editing), Fireworks specializes in web graphics (which is what I do).

Ruby on Rad Rails

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Updated the VPS guide, which is now 20 pages .. tho the last two are incomplete. I can probably finish it in 25 pages. (No hurry.)

Ruby on Rails

Installed Ruby on Rails today, on my laptop, where it seems to be working fine. Also installed RoR on the Rad VPS, but it seems to be having trouble there. (Problems identified.)

Ruby is a programming (scripting) language (not unlike PHP), known to have elegant syntax. Some even call it artistic.

Rails is a Web Application Framework (not unlike the Zend Framework for PHP) which is built with (and based on) the Ruby scripting language.

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