Photoshop vs Fireworks + Hearing Voices

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While washing dishes yesterday, could've sworn I heard the Bug calling me. Very weird (considering he wasn't here).

Sounded so real that I turned off the faucet and walked outside. Even peeked around the corner. Nothing. Nobody. Am I starting to hear voices? (Or did he really call?)

Used to have a boss who dismissed rumors that couldn't possibly be true by saying, "People hear what they wanna hear."

Fireworks CS4Photoshop vs Fireworks

In other news, I've been learning Photoshop, little by little, tho it's taking longer than expected. (Doesn't everything?)

I wouldn't say it's difficult, but there are so many tools, commands and features .. stacked one on top of the other.

Friend suggested my time would be better spent learning Fireworks. I always thought Fireworks was the Macromedia version of Photoshop. (But it ain't.)

While Photoshop specializes in Print graphics (and photo-editing), Fireworks specializes in web graphics (which is what I do).

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Couldn't find a demo to download, but I had an older version that came with other software. Sure 'nuf, it's way better for doing what I do (web graphics). Always nice when you find the right tool for the job.

Most people who use Photoshop, I learned, would do better with Photoshop Elements. If somebody actually needs Photoshop (like a professional, for example), they'd know it.

The good thing is that many of the tools used in Photoshop are also used in Fireworks, and other Adobe products (such as Illustrator), so the time spent learning Photoshop isn't wasted.

For more along these lines, here's a Google search preconfigured for the query » photoshop vs fireworks

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