Centuries of Philosophical Thought

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Have a special treat for you today. Earlier this year I spent my Saturday mornings (8 weeks worth) up at Chapman University, here in Orange county. There I participated in a co-parenting course called » Kids First (.. for a second time, both court-ordered).

The curriculum is designed to help divorced parents put aside their disappointment & resentment and focus on putting their » kids first. (Hence the name.) Excellent course, taught by seasoned professionals who really care. ($300)

Friedrich NietzscheMy particular classes were held in the same building where Chapman's Philosophy / Religion department is located.

[ The combatants, uh I mean parents, are assigned to different classrooms, as you might expect, to minimize the number of brawls. ]

Posted on the bulletin board outside the office to the Philosophy department was a large laminated poster that contained a list of the major philosophers throughout history, with a representative quote beside each name.

I enjoyed reading those quotes each week .. so much that on the final day I stayed late to copy them down, along with the name of each philosopher and their corresponding dates. I've been carrying around that piece of paper ever since. (Tho it's getting ratty.)

Today I finally transferred these quotes to 3 web pages (7 entries per page), and included a picture for each philosopher (which the original poster did not have). I also added a brief historical description to complement each entry.

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It took a while to assemble the photos. Wasn't planning on doing that, but I feel it improved the pages. Been meaning to transfer those quotes to web pages since May.

I've never been able to find a place where a list of the world's major philosophers were assembled together with a corresponding picture/photograph, accompanied by a single representative quote.

I'd like to emphasize that these quotes are not ones that I selected myself. Rather, by someone more qualified to do so. Here ya go » Philosophical Thought thru the Centuries. Surprising amount of depression, no?

Isn't it cool the way you're able to traipse thru the centuries of philosophical thought? .. in a matter of minutes. I took a class in Philosophy (at F&M, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania). One of my top 3 favorite classes - ever. Right up there with Calculus.

For more along these lines, here's a Google search preconfigured for the query » philosophy quotes and another for » kids first coparenting orange county chapman family law

One final note » right outside the building, where my KF classes were held (at Chapman), there stood a section of the Berlin Wall, maybe 2-meters wide and 5-meters tall, decorated with colorful graffiti painted on the Western side. You couldn't actually walk up and touch it, cuz they'd set it on a pedestal in the middle of a small pond. (Well, you could touch it, I guess, but you'd get wet.)

I always remembered (and enjoyed) Reagan's speech, where he said » Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall. Big huevos. Four of the 20 philosophers featured today hail from Germany .. more than any other country (3 each from China, Greece & England).

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