Possum in my Toilet

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There's a possum in my toilet. (At this very moment.) A baby possum. It's alive! Too weird. How did it get there? Water tinged red, so maybe it's injured. How to get it out? Will it bite?

possum It's after midnight. So maybe I'm dreaming. Good thing I didn't sit down (in the dark). Might be difficult to explain that at the Emergency room » "Ya see, there was this possum in my toilet..."

I went in and turned on the light to find some Advil .. and heard a noise. Then I saw those eyes looking up at me.

Could it have come up thru the sewer? Looks too small to have climbed up from the outside.

Seen plenty of raccoons around (tho not in my toilet), but never any possums. I simply shut the lid and will call somebody in the morning.

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Can't believe there's a dang possum in my toilet. Does this weird stuff happen to anybody else? What a way to start the month.

For more along these lines, here's a Google search preconfigured for the query > possum toilet

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