Possum Gone in the Morning

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The possum was GONE in the morning. I had shut the lid and put a heavy box on it .. to ensure it didn't climb out and into bed with me while I slept. So there is no way it coulda got out. (Also shut the bathroom door.)


I almost doubted it was really there .. cuz it seemed so unreal .. but the water was dirty and smelled horrible .. like wet dog .. if you know that smell. Took several hours for the stench to go away.

So the only way it could've escaped was DOWN the pipe. Some say that suggests it came up that way .. which is what I think. (The toilet flushed fine.)

Late at night my brain was turned off and I was totally baffled .. as to how it might've got there and what to do about it.

A block away, yesterday, I saw a dead BIG possum in the road .. maybe its momma or dada.

I never sit down on the throne any more without first turning on the light. Some say it's not so bizarre that an animal would come up thru the sewer like that.

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Sorry I didn't post an update sooner. In the morning, I approached the toilet armed with a shovel & rake .. was gonna try to corral it out.

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