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Had a weird problem with my network earlier this week .. where I could not access my site .. which (as you might imagine) suks pretty bad. No problems accessing any other sites. Seemed as tho I was being blocked to my site and my site only.

Access DeniedFirst I called my web host. Can't access my site, I said. No web pages, no email, no FTP, SSH. Nothing. Have no problems accessing any other sites. So it must be a problem with the server.

Hmmm, the tech mutters, I was just checking out your site earlier this morning .. a few hours ago. Lemme try to pull it up.

Your site is loading fine for me, he says.

You must be loading from the browser cache, I argue.

He proceeds to perform his Linux-guru mojo and says, No, your site is fine. These are pages I didn't load this morning.

You sure? I ask.

He then has me check my IP addy and verifies I'm not being blocked .. then suggests I unplug my router (for 30 secs) to reset it before plugging it back in. This trick works! I can again connect to the site. Until...

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Next day I get same problem. Only this time the router-reset trick doesn't work. I unplugged it for up to 5 mins. Nada.

So I call my network-guru buddy and he says, That's usually what happens when the NSA is filtering your packets.

You're kidding, right?

So I call my ISP and say, I think your network is blocking access to my site.

If it's just one site, they respond, it's cuz that site that site is down. It's not us.

I just got off the phone with my web host, I replied, They say the site is fine. I called my friends. They also can access the site fine. So it's not the site.

They still think the problem lies with the site, or my firewall. So I grab my laptop (the one with the missing i-key) and run down to the local library .. to use their wireless. There I can connect fine. Back at the ranch however .. no dice.

Came home and traced my site .. which errored at the very first hop. Which means the signal is being blocked at the router/gateway. The trace would proceed no further.

So I call my ISP again and tell them it's definitely their network. The guy tries to get me to disable my firewall. I say, It's not my firewall or I wouldn't have been able to connect at the library. Plus I don't want to disable my firewall cuz I use this laptop at more places than just ths network.

The router contains a firewall and I try to get him to disable that for my particular laptop. (He can see it listed on his network.) But he says he doesn't have authorization "to DMZ me."

Well, let me talk to somebody who does, I said.

They're all busy right now, he replies. I'll have somebody call you.


Not sure, he says.

Long story short, the next day a "Connect tech" calls me and disables the firewall in my router/gateway to (only) my particular laptop and I've had no further problems since. That was 4 days ago.

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