Upgraded Forum Script to YaBB 2.3 + Frontline Begins New Season


The gang at YaBB released an updated version of their forum script » YaBB 2.3. Radified has been using this free (open source) Perl-based script since 2001.

The Choice 2008: A Frontline special

Sounds like a significant upgrade. Lots of features added and bugs fixed. I stayed up late last night (1AM) and installed a new/clean copy.

It takes a while to dial in the new forum, but I've done it many times before, so I know the drill. All appears to have gone well, after a little glitch.

The Rad forums contain nearly 40,000 posts, in roughly 5,000 threads, some of which have accumulated more than 100,000 page views. We specialize in backing up your hard drive with a cloning program, such as Norton Ghost.

Frontline Launches New Season

In other news » tonight on PBS, Frontline airs its first program of the new season, titled » The Choice 2008, featuring an in-depth look at our presidential candidates.

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I endeavor to keep the site a-political (non-political), but it's good to be informed, and I expect the 2-hour profile to be interesting, since Frontline usually produces first-rate journalism, by digging deeper and uncovering items hidden from most observers.

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